Derbyshire Attractions And Sightseeing Spots

There are so many Derbyshire attractions to choose from. So if you are planning to come over to explore the place, you will not be disappointed. You will find a lot of activities to pursue and places to visit. This county is truly blessed and the people living in it will make you realise just how wonderful the whole county really is.

About the attractions in Derbyshire

The attractions that you will see in the county of Derbyshire are diverse. This is why it is a perfect place for all types of visitors. If you want to explore nature, there is a place for you to go to. In case you are bringing the whole family with you, there are family-friendly activities for you to pursue as well. These are the activities that not only appealing to kids but also to adults. Even sports enthusiasts and casino lovers have places to go to.

Even the metropolitan areas are filled with various activities that contribute to the variety of Derbyshire attractions. The rich culture and history of the place make it an ideal county to explore so you can make new memories. The best part of it all – you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy them.

7 Derbyshire attractions that you must visit

Here are the specific places that you can visit in Derbyshire.

Hardwick Hall

This is the birthplace of the Bess of Hardwick. She is one of the most remarkable and not to mention richest women during the Elizabethan era in England. Although the place is in ruins, you will still see the greatness of the place. The place is run by the English Heritage. The place is open from Wednesday to Sunday (10am-6pm) from March to September. For a family of 5, it will only cost £15.60.

Calke Abbey

Visiting this place will tell you the story of how country estates have declined over the years. The peeling paintwork, the abandoned stables, and the unkempt courtyards give testament to the fact that in the 20th century, a lot of these grand estates have faded from their former glory. Despite that, the place holds a lot of activities for families like a walk around the property and other fun activities at the Squirt’s Stable. There is even a nature reserve. This will only cost less than £14.05 or less per person.


This place features a limestone ravine that is teeming with wildlife and wildflowers. There are tranquil woodlands and the fun stepping stones that will lead you across the River Dove. Visiting this place will not cost you anything – maybe just the parking ticket that is only £2.50.

Height of Abraham

This had been open since the late 18th century. If that is not enough to make you want to come here, then we do not know what will. The Height of Abraham will give you a great view of the Peak District. It is within a huge area of woodlands (around 60 acres) and has cable cars, play areas, walking trails, and exhibitions. It will only cost £46 for a family of four.

Crich Tramway Village

This is another fun activity for everyone – specifically the whole family. You can ride the tram that goes from street to street, showcasing recreated street scenes and indoor exhibitions. It will really take you back in time. For a family of 5, it will only cost £39.

Carsington Water

This is a reservoir that is managed by the Severn Trent Water. It has a wide range of habitats for wildlife and meadows filled with wildflowers. It is great for those who wish to go bird watching, walk along trails, and enjoy water sports activities.

Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood

This is quite an educational trip for everyone. This is the country home of Lord Vernon. It showcases various 17th-century artifacts and architecture – from the long gallery to the grand staircase. You will also have the privilege of viewing the Museum of Childhood that shows the childhood of past years. A family will spend around £37.50 to £20.60 exploring this place.

These are only some of the Derbyshire attractions that you can choose from. Do your research to see what places and activities you can pursue during your visit.