Sports In Derbyshire

Sports in Derbyshire, like other areas in the UK, involves a thriving and healthy community. The need to live a healthier lifestyle motivated the local communities in this county to come up with various programmes and support systems that encourage participation in sports.

Sports in Derbyshire

Football remains to be a popular sport in the county of Derbyshire. There are currently two teams playing in the Football League. One is the Derby County F.C. and the other is Chesterfield F.C.

Apart from them, there are also non-league teams that play in the county and are avidly supported by the locals. One of them is the Alfreton Town F.C. who consistently plays in the National League North. A notable team, the Sheffield F.C. is considered to be the oldest football club in the whole world. The club considers the North East of Derbyshire, Dronfield, as their home.

If you are unconvinced about how enthusiastic Derbyshire folks are about sports, then this might do the trick. Even Glossop, is considered to be the smallest town in the country to have their very own football team (Glossop North End A.F.C.) included in the English football – and they are in the top tier!

Apart from football, the county also plays cricket. Locals support the Derbyshire County Cricket Club. There are also rugby league clubs and even union clubs.

Even the landscape and terrain of Derbyshire makes it a great location for sports activities. The county is a popular destination for rock climbing, hang gliding, caving, sailing, and hill walking. There are also opportunities to go biking. In fact, there are various cycling trails like the High Peak Trail and Monsal Trail that will challenge the skills of sports enthusiasts.

It is also interesting to know that the sports in Derbyshire also includes Muggle Quidditch – if you can believe that. There is a Derby Union Quidditch Club that oversees and organises the games. The players are 16 years old and above and should be from Derby. This is actually a very interesting game to witness.

How sports in Derbyshire is encouraged

Sports in Derbyshire is highly encouraged because it leads to a healthier lifestyle for everyone. In fact, the Derbyshire Sports is part of the 45 County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) that is currently looking after the physical well-being of those living in England.

Just like the other organisations, Derbyshire Sports work hard to ensure that the physical activity of the county residents will always be high. They do this by coming up with programmes and events that residents can be a part of. The goal is to get more people to engage in sports and recreational activities. The organisation focuses on several important functions.

The first is understanding what the community needs. Not only that, they also strive to align the needs of the local community with the rest of the counties all over England. Derbyshire Sports also opt to introduce new trends and opportunities that will improve the variety of physical activities that locals can pursue. This is what helps them organise events that will appeal to the general public.

So if you are interested in pursuing sports in Derbyshire, you will not have a hard time looking for the right one to be involved in.