The best places to stay in Derbyshire

Derbyshire, which for all intents and purposes means the Peak District, is a lovely upland part of moors and rolling hills, dotted by two main areas, called the White Peak and the Dark Peak. It’s a great place to get away for a few days and scramble over some truly beautiful terrain, especially during the warm summer months.

Sometimes, the trickiest part about packing up and going on vacation is correctly planning your accomodations. It’s easy to be mislead by glossy websites or misleading information on AirBnB. If you were wondering where to stay in Derbyshire, we have three spectacular suggestions for you coming right up:

derbyshire view

The Buxton Crescent Health Spa Hotel

Located within the town of Buxton, which itself is a spa town, this hotel is a glorious renovated Georgian treasure after a stunning £80 million makeover.

The wide menu of thermal spa services are the main draw, but that’s not all the Buxton offers. The rooms are spacious and scream luxury, the food is to die for and world-class hiking is right outside your door.

The Cavendish Hotel

The Cavendish hotel sits on the Chatsworth Estate, and also has been recently renovated. Besides being fabulously appointed and offering world-class customer service, the hotel is also located right in the heart of the Peak District, making it very convenient to explore and also easy to access by means of frequently-passing public transport.

Guests frequently comment on how much they love the building itself’s charm and character, and especially the truly gargantuan fireplaces that grace the guest rooms. This one feature alone distinguishes the Cavendish from its competition, as it makes it a much better year-round tourist destination.

Broomhead Farm Bed and Breakfast

Animal lovers may well go for this option, because the Broomhead Farm Bed and Breakfast is actually a fully operational and functioning sheep farm.

This bed and breakfast is known for its great surrounding terrain; it is located right in the middle of the Dark Peak. This means that peaty moors and verdant valleys abound as far as the eye can see.

This estate has not been bought or sold since before the Wars of the Roses; it has stayed for an amazing seven centuries in the same family hands. This means that tradition and elegance rules here. Also, the owners have very strong roots and could probably navigate the area in their sleep!